Healthy food leads to healthy dogs

As with people dogs can suffer from a number of ailments, diseases and conditions.  Medication is often a big help with managing it as can diet and exercise.  For humans to control ailments with diet it is easy as we have such a vast selection of foods available to us it is simple to cut down on the food that is aggravating a problem and replace it with one that will help.  For dogs it might seem more of a problem to aid health with diet but in actual fact there are now some great foods available that help support a number of problems.

For dogs that suffer with urinary problems such as UTI’s, cystitis and calcium oxalate urolithiasis there is a great food available to help called Royal Canin Urinary Support.  This food contains special ingredients that help reduce the concentration of calcium oxalates and struvites which dilutes the urine.  It also contains less magnesium then a lot of foods as magnesium helps form stuvite uroliths which aggravate urinary problems. Used every day it can help reduce the amount of attacks the dog has.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control is a great food for dogs who suffer with food allergies and intolerances, IBS, colitis and diarrhoea.  The ingredients in the food are chosen to help more delicate digestive systems and not aggravate various problems.  The diet contains essential fish oils, beet pulp, prebiotics and sugar to ensure your dog gets all the important nutrients necessary for health and growth. The diet is free from lactose and gluten which are common food allergies.

For dogs suffering with renal insufficiency and failure there is a great food available to help manage the condition and improve daily health.  Royal Canin Renal contains less phosphorous levels then a lot of other foods as the kidney is key in breaking down phosphorous so dogs with kidney failure struggle to digest foods with phosphorous in.  In the renal food there is also green tea polyphenols which help neutralise free radicals and encourage renal perfusion. The food also contains omega 3 fatty acids which help improve your dogs skin and coat.