Flea Treatments

Guest Article
Keeping My Fenna In Tip Top Condition Is Hard Work
I love my cocker spaniel Fenna because she is a fabulous dog with a beautiful coat, but to keep her looking great can sometimes be quite difficult. I always find myself having to spend a fair bit of money on grooming her and getting rid of fleas and ticks a thick coat like hers easily attracts. Although I wash Fenna regularly, this is not a preventative for her catching fleas and ticks; hence I’m always on the lookout for some decent pet supplies that can help me with this.

Overall my experiences with buying dog supplies have always been hit and miss and I’m sure that the rest of you cocker spaniel owners will feel the same way. Our dogs have especially thick fur, eyes that can easily get infected, long fluffy ears and adorable rosy tummies – and getting decent products that are suitable for them can sometimes be quite tricky and usually expensive too. Therefore I thought I would write about my experiences to share with other cocker spaniel owners and hopefully even get some feedback from you guys about different practices and companies/brands that you choose to get your dog supplies from.

Over the last 12 years that Fenna and I have been together I found that the biggest problem with her was that she contracts fleas on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because of the climate we live in and the fact that her coat makes a lovely warm place for them to breed, but it gets annoying always having to comb those fleas out and keep treating her. Recently however I have been using Frontline Flea Treatment, which actually isn’t too bad. I bought the small satchel which is specifically made for smaller dogs and this worked pretty well. I would recommend to any dog owners that they always test a new product on a small area before they treat them fully – just in case their pet has a bad reaction to it.

I actually picked up Frontline Flea Treatment from my vets as they recommended it to me as a decent formula to use that wouldn’t harm Fenna’s coat. The price was a little steep though, and I found it was no different in my local pet shop. But I have managed to find a considerably cheaper price online, especially if you buy in bulk. So far I’ve been using this product for about six months and have found it pretty effective and have no real complaints. So, that is one problem solved – Fenna is finally flea-free…!