Dog training is now a lot easier thanks to Witsend

We are a nation of dog lovers, and millions of us have a favourite four legged friend who offers companionship, loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. There are times, however, when that fluffy little bundle grows into a dog that is vicious, badly behaved and takes not a blind bit of notice when you call of it or tell it to do something.

It’s a sad fact that many of these dogs find themselves abandoned or in shelters due to their owners not being able to handle them, when all they need is some proper training. Pet owner in Leicester should never find themselves in this predicament as they have one of the best dog training establishments in the UK on their doorstep.

Witsend4pets are based in Aylestone in Leicestershire, and offer a full range of pet related activities included training and behavioural classes for both puppies and fully grown dogs. These can be taken either individually or in groups depending on which is the best way for your pet to be trained.

They also a service that you will hard pushed to find anywhere else; cat training. As far as WitsEnd are concerned, all pets can suffer from behavioural problems and they should all be able to undergo the patience and training needed to bring out the best in them. The 3 storey, custom designed facility really is the last word in pet care.

Aside from the training, there is also a hydropool installed which is greatly beneficial to dogs suffering from ailments of the joints such as arthritis. There is also a fully trained veterinary physiotherapist on the staff to help with post operative care. Add all these together and you have an exemplary example of the best pet care around, and your pet deserves the best.